Non-commutative geometry from 0-branes in a background B-field

Yeuk-Kwan E. Cheung, Morten Krogh
1998 Nuclear Physics B  
We study D0-branes in type IIA on $T^2$ with a background B-field turned on. We calculate explicitly how the background B-field modifies the D0-brane action. The effect of the B-field is to replace ordinary multiplication with a noncommutative product. This enables us to find the matrix model for M-theory on $T^2$ with a background 3-form potential along the torus and the lightlike circle. This matrix model is exactly the non-local 2+1 dim SYM theory on a dual $T^2$ proposed by Connes, Douglas
more » ... by Connes, Douglas and Schwarz. We calculate the radii and the gauge coupling for the SYM on the dual $T^2$ for all choices of longitudinal momentum and membrane wrapping number on the $T^2$.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(98)00380-0 fatcat:srtosk2kmrb5fotia6khtc2b3i