Jovan Mirčeta, Jelena Petrović
2020 Balkan Journal of Wildlife Research  
Game meat production differs significantly from production of domestic animals meat. Common measures applied in the control of zoonotic pathogens in farm breeding are not always applicable in hunting estates. Thus, the main objective of this study is to present the methods that should be introduced in the hunting estates to assure production of microbiologically safe wild boar meat. The measures that can be applied before hunting include the control of newly acquired animals, vaccination,
more » ... vaccination, control of the population density and sanitary shooting. The most important measures applied during hunting and carcase processing includes the applicaton of good hunting and good hygiene practices. Particular emphasis is laid on inadequate knowledge and skills of hunters in view of proper washing and handling of carcases, which can lead to substantial microbial contamination of wild boar meat. Reduction of microbial contamination of game meat can be achieved only by applying relevant control measures along the entire production chain – from monitoring of health status of game in the hunting estate to adequate carcase storage. Particular attention should be given to the training of all hunting participants and adequate monitoring and control during carcase processing procedures.
doi:10.15679/bjwr.v5i1.80 fatcat:oijq7dykyjfg7fffjyss2kckdy