Screening of genes related with intervertebral disc disease by dynamic differential interaction network analysis

K Jiang, Y Li, G-Y Cao, D Liu, D-F Liao, K Gong, Q-Y Xie, Z-H Ma, X-M Pan
2013 European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences  
Gene expression profiles for intervertebral disc (IVD) cells treated with different osmolarities were compared to identify key genes associated with intervertebral disc diseases. Microarray data was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database and pre-processed using package of R. Gene co-expression was determined with Pearson correlation coefficient. Interaction networks were established with the protein-protein interaction (PPI) information obtained from Human Protein Reference
more » ... ase (HPRD database) for the two conditions: isosmoticity and hyperosmosis, and then a comparative analysis was done to identify disease-related genes. The functional annotation was performed for these genes using network ontology analysis (NOA), which also confirmed the effectiveness of this method. A total of 45 feature genes were obtained through comparing 7 samples treated under isosmotic conditions and 9 high osmotic conditions. Biological processes and molecular functions were then revealed by NOA. A range of disease-related genes were obtained, which might serve as the potential biomarkers or drug targets. More works are needed to further elucidate their roles in the development of intervertebral disc diseases like intervertebral disc herniation.
pmid:24338460 fatcat:s2asnb245rfnfbnr6tsfyeukfm