An Integrated Marine Data Collection for the German Bight – Part II: Tides, Salinity and Waves (1996–2015 CE) [post]

Robert Hagen, Andreas Plüß, Romina Ihde, Janina Freund, Norman Dreier, Edgar Nehlsen, Nico Schrage, Peter Fröhle, Frank Kösters
2021 unpublished
Abstract. The German Bight within the central North Sea is of vital importance to many industrial nations in the European Union (EU), which have obligated themselves to ensure the development of green energy facilities and technology, while improving natural habitats and still being economically competitive. These ambitious goals require a tremendous amount of careful planning and considerations, which depends heavily on data availability. For this reason, we established in close cooperation
more » ... h stakeholders an open-access integrated, marine data collection from 1996 to 2015 for bathymetry, surface sediments, tidal dynamics, salinity, and waves in the German Bight for science, economy, and governmental interest. This second part of a two-part publication presents data products from numerical hindcast simulations for sea surface elevation, current velocity, bottom shear stress, salinity, wave parameters and wave spectra. As an important improvement to existing data collections our model represents the variability of the bathymetry by using annually updated model topographies. Moreover, we provide model results at a high temporal and spatial resolution (Hagen et al. 2020b), i.e. model results are gridded to 1,000 m at 20-minute intervals ( Tidal characteristic values (Hagen et al. 2020a), such as tidal range or ebb current velocity, are computed based on the numerical modeling results ( Therefore, this integrated, marine data collection enables coastal stakeholders and scientists to easily enter and participate in countless applications, which could be the development of detailed coastal models, handling of complex natural habitat problems, design of coastal structures, or trend exploration into the future.
doi:10.5194/essd-2021-45 fatcat:zc7cimbbajhntd6hd7u3gd6zhm