Status of the Acute Respiratory Symptoms, Pulmonary Function Test, and ‎Chest Radiograph Among Professional Firefighters of the Plasco Trade ‎Center Disaster in Active Firefighting of Tehran, Iran in 2016‎

Khosrow Agin, Ali Mohammad Baigi, Babak Mostafazadeh
2019 International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine  
Firefighting is a high-risk occupation. The firefighters can be involved in acute and chronic diseases. The study was conducted to investigate the acute symptoms of pulmonary problems, chest radiography, and pulmonary function testing among the professional firefighters of Tehran Firefighting Stations in active firefighting of the Plasco trade center disaster.Materials and Methods: A call was announced by the national Fars news agency to examine the firefighters in the Plasco trade center
more » ... trade center disaster.Results: A total of 56 firefighters completed the study design. They were male, commonly at a young age, and less than their 3rd decade. Upper respiratory tract symptoms were at a higher frequency than a lower airway tract; 98% of the subjects complained of respiratory symptoms. Chest abnormality was 24% and normal acute short-term spirometry was 87%. Acute occupational bronchitis was a prominent respiratory disease.Conclusion: Acute toxic inhalation respiratory diseases, including acute bronchitis, asthma-like disease, and laryngitis were found in our study. Medical monitoring is necessary for the detection of adverse health effects in the exposure, post-exposure, and long lifetime.
doi:10.32598/ijmtfm.v9i4.25105 fatcat:xfseq6hjcnbxtjsjkin7v2fvzi