A New Approach for Human Forearm Motion Assist by Actuated Artificial Joint-An Inner Skeleton Robot

Subrata Kumar KUNDU, Kazuo KIGUCHI, Kenbu TERAMOTO
2008 Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing  
In order to help the physical activities of the elderly or physically disabled persons, we propose a new concept of a power-assist inner skeleton robot (i.e., actuated artificial joint) that is supposed to assist the human daily life motion from inside of the human body. This paper presents an implantable 2 degree of freedom (DOF) inner skeleton robot that is designed to assist human elbow flexion-extension motion and forearm supination-pronation motion for daily life activities. We have
more » ... ed a prototype of the inner skeleton robot that is supposed to assist the motion from inside of the body and act as an actuated artificial joint. The proposed system is controlled based on the activation patterns of the electromyogram (EMG) signals of the user's muscles by applying fuzzy-neuro control method. A joint actuator with angular position sensor is designed for the inner skeleton robot and a T-Mechanism is proposed to keep the bone arrangement similar to the normal human articulation after the elbow arthroplasty. The effectiveness of the proposed system has been evaluated by experiment.
doi:10.1299/jamdsm.2.83 fatcat:3qtz2wmefrfr7ge7i7coapw32a