Tree Routing Protocol with Location-based Uniformly Clustering Strategy in WSNs

Gengsheng Zheng, Zhengbing Hu
2010 Journal of Networks  
In WSNs, energy efficiency and low latency are considered as two key issues in designing routing protocol. This paper introduces a two layer hierarchical tree routing protocol with location-based uniformly clustering strategy in WSNs (TRPLUCS), which can gives a good compromise between energy consumption and delay. First, TRPLUCS makes balanced clustering based on geographic regions. That is to say, all the clusters are uniformly distributed in WSNs with approximately equal number of nodes in
more » ... umber of nodes in each cluster. Second, TRPLUCS computes a spanning tree inside the cluster. Each node in cluster transmits data to its cluster-head along the spanning tree. Third, TRPLUCS constructs an optimal tree among all the cluster-heads. The data packets are then routed to the sink along the optimal tree. Simulation results show that TRPLUCS performs better than PEGASIS and LEACH in terms of energy*delay cost metric. Index Terms-wireless sensor networks, energy, delay, cluster, hierarchical tree I.
doi:10.4304/jnw.5.11.1373-1380 fatcat:yen4bjsi2fblposj4moykfodca