A GUI software suite for data acquisition and analysis of evoked field potentials: applications in biomedical and electrophysiological research

A.A. Robinson, S.S.G. Suresh, D.J. Aloi, D.A. Fortin, J.H. Blaise, J.D. Bronzino
Proceedings of the IEEE 28th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference (IEEE Cat. No.02CH37342)  
A PC-based system to control the stimulation, data acquisition, and analysis of evoked field potentials from the dentate subfield of the hippocampal formation in the behaving adult rat is presented. The system consists of a commercially available stimulation generator, multifunction I/O board (16 bit), graphical programming language (LabVIEW), and customized virtual instruments (VI's). System operation consists of user interfaced on-screen front-end panels designed to imitate hardware controls.
doi:10.1109/nebc.2002.999496 fatcat:dg34dqk5nngfjaaxx4ahfuctja