A Simple Three-Dimensional Failure Criterion for Jointed Rock Masses under True Triaxial Compression

Yaohui Gao, Chunsheng Zhang, Zhaofeng Wang, Jun Chen, Dongsheng Huang
2021 Advances in Civil Engineering  
The joint configuration and the intermediate principal stress have a significant influence on the strength of rock masses in underground engineering. A simple three-dimensional failure criterion is developed in this study to predict the true triaxial strength of jointed rock masses. The proposed failure criterion in the deviatoric and meridian planes adopts the elliptic and hyperbolic forms to approximate the Willam–Warnke and Mohr–Coulomb failure criterion, respectively. The four parameters in
more » ... the proposed failure criterion have close relationships with the cohesion and the internal friction angle and can be linked with the joint inclination angle using a cosine function. Two suits of true triaxial strength data are collected to validate the correctness of the proposed failure criterion. Compared with other failure criteria, the proposed failure criterion is more reasonable and acceptable to describe the strength of jointed rock masses.
doi:10.1155/2021/9939144 fatcat:j6ov7kzft5g7hdpf5ddbjn4ghy