Collaborative resonant writing and musical improvisation to explore the concept of resonance

Charlotte Lindvang, Inge Nygaard Pedersen, Lars Ole Bondo, Stine Lindahl Jacobsen, Hanne Mette Ridder, Bolette Daniels Beck, Gustavo Gattino, Niels Hannibal, Ulla Holck, Jens Anderson-Ingstrup
2018 Qualitative Studies  
Resonance is often used to characterize relationships, but it is acomplex concept that explains quite different physical,physiological and psychological processes. With the aim of gainingdeeper insight into the concept of resonance, a group of ten musictherapy researchers, all colleagues, embarked on a joint journey ofexploration. This included an aim of letting the internal learningprocess be disseminated in a way that could give others insight, notonly from the findings, but also from the
more » ... ess. Findings includea dual understanding of resonance as (1) a visible and orderedphenomenon consisting of physical vibrations and acousticsounding that offers a clear logic, and (2) a metaphoricalconceptualization used to describe and understand complexpsychological processes of human relationships. The process ofcollaborative writing led to the discovery or development of a ninestepprocedure including different collaborative resonant writingprocedures and musical improvisation, as well as of a series ofmetaphors to explain therapeutic interaction, resonant learning andways of resonant exploration.
doi:10.7146/qs.v5i1.105455 fatcat:v3nxdplxpfdm7kyntu2xctd2na