Suppression of prostaglandin F-2 release and delay of luteolysis after active immunization against oxytocin in the goat

R. G. Cooke, A. M. Homeida
1985 Reproduction  
Active immunization against oxytocin significantly prolonged the oestrous cycle in 3 out of 4 goats; the mean (\m=+-\s.e.m.) cycle length was 29\m=.\1\ m=+-\1\m=.\7days (n = 12) compared to 19\m=.\4\ m=+-\0\m=.\6 days (n = 9) in control animals. During Days 10\p=n-\21of the cycle in the 3 responsive goats, peripheral plasma concentrations of progesterone and oxytocin were steady and those of 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F-2\g=a\ were very low (50\p=n-\100pg\m=.\ml \m=-\1) with no marked
more » ... ulsatile activity. The major effect of immunization would appear to be suppression of the synthesis of the uterine luteolysin PGF-2\g=a\, thus confirming that endogenous oxytocin has a facilitatory role in luteolysis via prostaglandin production.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0750063 pmid:3861868 fatcat:jkj5h5hr6vapvh3sgxjki56c44