Феномен двойственности и его реализация в жилой архитектуре сибирского города первой половины XIX века

Журин Андрей Николаевич
The article deals with the contradiction between the recommended standard classic street facades of mass residential buildings of the first half of the 19th century and its planning structure, characterized by practical features and regional peculiarities of the peasant folk architecture of Siberia. The external and internal duality was a kind of prologue in the development of the mass architecture of the Siberian town of a new type, where this contradiction was later overcome in the stylistics
more » ... e in the stylistics of eclecticism. The article indicates the component of the transition from classicism to eclecticism in architecture, which was based on the national ideas of romanticism, normative legal stylistic requirements and the practical aspirations of the population in the field of home improvement in local conditions.
doi:10.24411/9999-001a-2019-10085 fatcat:kczwu4zkuvg6poxjcxw3zzmlsq