Soil Mixing Characteristics of Reverse-Rotational Rotary Tillage. (Part 1). Soil Mixing Model Based on Particle Kinetics Model for Tilled Soil Throwing
深耕アップカットロータリ耕うんの土壌かくはん性 (第1報) 土壌かくはんシミュレーションモデルの構築

Kazuhiro ONODERA, Takashi KATAOKA, Yoshinobu OTA, Tatsuo HIROMA
1998 Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery  
The objective of this study is to clarify the relationships between soil mixing characteristics and effective configurations of rotary blade using the reverse-rotational rotary tiller for deep
doi:10.11357/jsam1937.60.4_3 fatcat:bsgbxamtznenrivtarjz6cghqu