The effect of using some natural growth promoters on growth performance and feed utilization of monosex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), fingerlings

Nabil Abdel-Hakim, Mohamed Lashin, Al-Desoki Al-Azab, Ashraf Goda, Hani Nazmi
2014 Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries  
An experimental study was conducted to evaluate the effect of three different natural growth promoters as feed additives on growth performance of monosex Nile tilapia fingerlings. Three nutritional treatments were applied at two additive levels (0.15 & 0.3 %) of Paprika (Hot Red Pepper "Capsicum annuum" meal), Proplis (Bee Glue) and Humapol-FIS Substance (Humic & Fulvic acids with Mixture of Minerals) each one in addition to Control diet. The tested treatments were conducted in two cement ponds
more » ... in two cement ponds (8×4×1 m), divided with nets to 16 equal aquatic compartments (2×2×1 m); 14 of them were used and stocked randomly with 20 fish/each one with an average initial body weight of 23.62 ± 0.13 g. The experiment lasted for 20 weeks (Six feeding days/week with the feeding rate at 3% of live body weight/day). The results at the end of the experiment showed that, growth performance and feed conversion ratio were significantly (P< 0.05) improved for monosex tilapia fingerlings fed on diets with the aforementioned natural feed additives compared to fish fed on the control diet. Feed cost required to produce 1kg weight gain compared to fish fed on the control diet was reduced by using the feed additives. These results revealed that using Proplis (P) at a dietary additive level of 0.3 % was the best treatment in terms of growth performance and feed utilization, while the highest revenue and the best economic evaluation were obtained from the Paprika (K) diet at a level of 0.3 % compared to the control diet.
doi:10.21608/ejabf.2014.2219 fatcat:a4chnpmxpbfkjajbkr5hccushm