A Review of Tree Routing in ZigBee Wireless Network

Vasudha Patel, Sapna Singh
2016 unpublished
In current scenario ZigBee wireless sensor network suffered from distribution of power and route cost for the selection of root tree node and communicating node. The utilization of power factor in sensor network is limited due to this reason most of authors used the process of energy consumption for the increasing the life of network. The power supply process of wireless sensor network is fixed type. The process of power used battery. Now most of authors followed the location based and
more » ... based protocol for minimization process of energy factor in wireless sensor network. In consequence of efficient energy and route cost minimization one is very famous routing protocol is shortcut tree routing protocol. In the process of improvement of ZTR protocol one protocol are available such are called as STR protocol. Basically STR protocol is a combination of two different routing protocols for the processing of energy saving mode and cost. In this paper we review the techniques about wireless sensor networks.