Assessment of Water and Sediment Quality of Noakhali Canal, Noakhali, Bangladesh

Mohammad Mahbub Kabir
2019 International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources  
The present investigation has been conducted to examine the surface water and sediment quality especially some selected heavy metals of Noakhali canal adjacent to Bangladesh Small Cottage and Industries Corporation (BSCIC), Begumganj, Noakhali, Bangladesh. The concentrations of heavy metals in water and sediment have been analyzed by means of Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (FAAS). The mean values of pH, EC, TDS, P, K, SO42-, Cl-, NaCl and Temperature in surface water were 6.744,
more » ... S/cm, 634.9mg/L, 0.0835mg/L, 0.466cmol+, 2.978mg/L, 328.289mg/L, 2.46mg/L and 26.84 0C, respectively. The average concentration of Fe and Mn in surface water was 0.55mg/ L and 0.4081mg/L and the rest of heavy metals were found below detection limit. The mean values of pH, EC, OC, OM, TN, P, K, S in sediment sampling sites were 6.83, 565.5, 2.427%, 4.185%, 0.21%, 43.1µg/g, 0.5 meq/100gm, 157µg/g, respectively. The order of heavy metals in sediment was Fe >Mn> Zn >Pb>Cu. Almost all water and sediment quality parameters and heavy metals were within acceptable limit prescribed by national and international standards except Fe, EC, OC, OM, S, P and K. According to Sediment Quality Guideline, sediment samples were not polluted for Pb, Cu, Mn, and Zn. The geo-accumulation index (Igeo) showed no pollution for most of the sampling sites for all studied heavy metals except Fe. The Igeo value of Fe showed that the sediment was unpolluted to moderately polluted. Pollution Load Index (PLI) and Contamination Factor (CF) also showed no pollution for all the examined heavy metals. This study can be used as a baseline to monitor the quality of water and sediment of this canal which will help to preserve a healthy aquatic ecosystem.
doi:10.19080/ijesnr.2019.17.555963 fatcat:6ufd6polrfhpbdiv4diegv4iii