On p-adic Analytic Functions Associated with the Genarelized Euler Numbers
On p-adic Analytic Functions Associated with the Generalized Euler Numbers

Kozuka Kazuhito, Kozuka Kazuhito
2000 Research Report of Miyakonojo National College of Technology  
The main purpose of this paper ls to study p-adic interpolations for the generatized Euler numbers, especially in the case where the usual method of using the Koblitz measure is not valid as it stands. We show that even in this special case, if any appropriate conditions are satisfied, there exists a p-adic meromorphic function having the same interp" lation property as usual. After constructing the function, we calculate the value at s = 1 and deduce an analogue of Leopoldt's formula for the Kubota-Leopeldt p-adic L-functions.
doi:10.24461/miyako.34.0_7 fatcat:66swwvetwravngfv6p5olbobl4