Language teaching

2005 Language Teaching  
This literature review discusses the most efficient and useful reading comprehension strategies for L2 and FL learners. After in introductory section on definitions and explanations of learning strategies, the review goes on to present three different models for reading comprehension strategy instruction: Reciprocal Teaching Approach, Transactional Strategy Instruction, and the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach. The comparison is based on the design of each approach, their primary
more » ... eoretical orientation, major purpose, main research hypotheses, typical research designs and main variables, and strategy instruction practices. The final part of the review looks at the implications for teaching reading strategies, where it is suggested strategy instruction is useful for diverse groups of learners and that a flexible, strategy-rich teaching method is also valuable.
doi:10.1017/s0261444805212636 fatcat:rbu36s5conh7nassb5l5kfijsu