Study on the Heat-Recording Material Utilizing Heat-Responsive Microcapsules. (2)
熱応答性マイクロカプセル型感熱発色記録体の研究 (2)

Hirokazu SHIMADA, Shinichirou OHARA, Hiroko YAMAMOTO, Toshimasa USAMI, Toshiharu TANAKA, Kotaro NAKAMURA, Shohei YOSHIDA
1999 Journal of The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan  
A heat-recording material comprising a microencapsulated diazonium salt and a coupler was studied. In this case, the capsule contained a specific diazonium salt and no core oil. An oilless microcapsule showed good heat-recording characteristics by stabilizing the solution state of a diazocontaining organic phase, and by using a capsule-wall former which reacts with H2O quickly and creates a capsule with high Tg. The structure of the microcapsule was not the ordinary core/shell but a sphere, wherein the diazonium salt existed almost uniformly.
doi:10.11454/photogrst1964.62.353 fatcat:zbnotggpvngvplrbzuyda7wspy