The influence of carbon (fullerite, graphite) on mechanical alloying of Cu-25 at % C composites

R.M. Nikonova, V.I. Ladyanov, N.S. Larionova
2016 Nanosistemy fizika himiâ matematika  
A comparative study of Cu-C 60/70 and Cu-C g composites obtained by mechanical alloying has been performed by means of scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and Raman spectroscopy. It has been demonstrated that high stress-related effects, which take place during the mechanochemical synthesis of Cu-C 60/70 and Cu-C g composites with a nanocrystalline structure, result in the formation of an oversaturated solid solution of carbon in copper, Cu(C). The morphology and the parameters of
more » ... the parameters of the crystal lattice a Cu (t M A ) and the sizes of the crystallites L(t M A ) of the powders obtained depend on the deformational stability of fullerite and graphite and also on their reactivity to adsorbed oxygen.
doi:10.17586/2220-8054-2016-7-1-190-197 fatcat:6gcngfpjcvd23fyzmr5zrjhn6y