Cross-Language Information Retrieval [chapter]

2017 Encyclopedia of Machine Learning and Data Mining  
This bibliography contains every work on cross-language information retrieval that is known to the author. Papers describing techniques for nding documents or recorded speech in one human language based on queries using terms selected from a di erent human language are within the scope of this work. Reports on techniques which could potentially be useful for cross-language information retrieval but which lack direct coverage of the topic are intentionally excluded in order to retain the value
more » ... this bibliography as a tool for identifying present practice in the eld. The coverage of material published in the English language research literature is believed to be fairly good, but with one exception (Radwan's Ph.D. thesis) only works that are accessible to the author in their original form have been cited. Additional material in other languages can be found using Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA), which is available through Dialog. Material from the popular press is also not well represented. 1 1] Belal Mustafa Abu Ata, Tengku Mohd. Tengku Sembok, and Mohammed Yuso . SISDOM: a multilingual document retrieval system. Asian Libraries, 4(3):37{46, September 1995. 2] Derek Austin. Progress towards standard guidelines for the construction of multilingual thesauri. In Commission on the European Communities, editor, Third European Congress on Information Systems and Networks, volume 1, pages 341{402. Verlag Dokumentation, May 1977. 3] Lisa Ballesteros and Bruce Croft. Dictionary methods for cross-lingual information retrieval. In 4] Lisa Ballesteros and W. Bruce Croft. Statistical methods for cross-lingual information retrieval. In Gregory Grefenstette, Alan Smeaton, and P araic Sheridan, editors, Workshop on Cross-Linguistic Information retrieval, pages 40{42. ACM SIGIR, August 1996. 5] Lisa Ballesteros and W. Bruce Croft. Phrasal translation and query expansion techniques for crosslanguage information retrieval. In 6] Heiner Benking and Ulrich Kamp meyer. Harmonization of environmental meta-information with a thesaurus-based multi-lingual and multi-medial information system. In Arthur Zygielbaum, editor, AIP Conference Proceedings 283, Earth and Space Science Information Systems, pages 688{695. American Institute of Physics, 1992. 7] M. Berry and P. Young. Using latent semantic indexing for multilanguage information retrieval.
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