Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology

Asoc, Kastriot Buza, Florent Bunjaku
2014 unpublished
In this paper is presented an application built in Visual Basic 6.0 programming language for creating electronic test regarding the evaluation of students' knowledge for the subject of informatics in pre-university level. The algorithm of the test model is created based on students' evaluation under the administrative guidance of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosova. Following algorithm the test was created in hard copy and electronic form in different types. The
more » ... build of the application includes the subject layout, test design, algorithm design and algorithm testing. During the development of the test model in Visual Basic 6.0 the Interface is created, Editing Properties are adopted, Code has been written and Executed and as well as Application Program has been run. As a result the multiple models of electronic test can be developed for the module/subject of Informatics. The same methodology can be used to build application program to assess the knowledge of students in other modules or subjects.