Geomorphology of the small island of Tidore and Hiri (North Maluku, Indonesia)

Bachtiar W Mutaqin, Muh Aris Marfai, Danang Sri Hadmoko, Franck Lavigne, Audrey Faral, Helvetia Wijayanti, Widiyana Riasasi, R. Che Omar, J.T. Sri Sumantyo, B. White, A. Cardenas Tristan, E. Haryono (+2 others)
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Tidore and Hiri Islands in North Maluku Province is the result of a complex tectonic setting. In contrast with Ternate Island and its well-known volcano, Gamalama volcano, there is still a lack of research about volcanic information or volcanic landform in Tidore and Hiri Islands. Even though the two islands also have volcanoes, i.e., Hiri and Tidore/Kiematubu volcano. This study aims to provide geomorphological information, especially in Tidore and Hiri Islands, since this information is hard
more » ... o find whereas it is very important to disaster mitigation and landuse planning. We used remote sensing images, digital elevation models (DEM), and geological maps to classify geomorphological information of the small island of Tidore and Hiri in the North Maluku based on geomorphological aspects, i.e., morphology, morphogenesis, morpho-chronology, and morpho-arrangement. As a volcanic island, the slope in Tidore and Hiri Island is dominated by a slightly steep (8°-16°) and a steep slope (16°-35°), while the relief is dominated by hills and mountainous. Volcanic landforms on Tidore and Hiri Islands are characterized by relatively symmetrical cone-shaped volcanic cones, which are accumulations of falling pyroclastic material and lava ejected from magma vents. Volcanic islands include the case of Tidore and Hiri Island have radial centrifugal river flow patterns. The material on Tidore and Hiri Islands is dominated by Holocene volcanic rocks. In Tidore, there is alluvial material on the west and east coasts of the island. This study result also can be developed into more detailed geomorphological maps, or landscape evolution in a volcanic island, or spatial planning.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202132503012 fatcat:4oihku4dezbgfay7hiwssbxrja