Maryland Gazette August 1838

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JjJ^dtintd BW«, »*d Atai ilit, td A BY-LAW (Af /lyirtr of Cur ft on or portion ..Vd'May 14'h,1B38.T il; DC it'iitabli*h*a 'an4 arthe Mayor, Recorder, AMarnoft Council of (h* city of , by the authority *f the oame, jjoiwmiitloneft be ami they are tn» TK» SA-rwaDA AND LrraaAat UAXKTT*-PSiltilelphia, November ifi, 1836. T tIK »er» liberal patron**.*1 b**towetJ en Ik* SAt'UHUAY NKWS, time in t**)a)tnctm*At in July laat, ami a deiire ta BMttllut patronage by correiponding exrr littt, h»va induced ut
more » ... thit week to pubtiib t IkvUi .Vuaaitr being (lie largest theel tv«r printed ia Philadelphia lor any purpoir, tat) tae Urgeit liltrtry p^per tvcr printed in Outfitted, ataUt. To thote of our friemli flirt prtctlctl prinurt. il nted not be tttioncd lint thit underlaying t: terigtt mrchantcil diAcillie*. Th* uron* af the lir*«*t prtsirt in Pbiladrlpklt it at«d fur ear oiillntry iaiprettiot k*t (hi* would accommodate only a tingle top el the maiamutW theel, and we were otligid, Ihirefort), lo work four form* at different pfriod*.. Tb* car* u**d in preparing ts* paptr in removing and folding th* ttetlt, Jet., can only be tilitntted by ihote w»t hive t**n ' tb* tlperlmtnl mtdrj and, aililed U tin ntcettarilr incretttd tmuont uf cea|io«l(ion, prttt work, d/c., tlieie *»p|>leaxnliry *xpeattt hiva . mail* tn tggrrgatt ceit, which would lute deterred many from *»«H' Dt » (ha rutcipruc. A gain of two taunted ntw labtcribtrt wilt nut repty tht tetiul call uf this tingle number. W« Qsttrr uui-Mlvr* Ibtt, btiidtt it* «X-triordiDtrv lire, thit nambcr prttentt tl-VACtion* that entitle U to mmr tlltntiuii. * cnnlaini the v-hole of iritndMp'i Offtr-' which cottt page* of letth* prrttnt tgt, partiealkrly.ajttr own country, lit* betn Ttr cheap reprint*, we balieve tint turpaitei « furmtr iattanct. Vorfuurttnli tubtcri-Wr* u tli* Saturday Ntwt receive, in tddi-4i«t U thtir ordinary tupply of mitcelltne-«M»«tlttr, tn Bngliih tnuuil, th* Itrgtit jeUtctivcd for the cumtn^ aratoni tnd (hey rewire it, ntoreuvtr, in a lurm thai, from it* *•"";• Rtvti it tdtlitinntl vtlae. Of (lie general chiracltr of the Saturday Ntwt we need »i>l tp«ak. Thtt htt now b*-0*1* io w«l) known at I* require no com am). Wa atty UVe eccation to tty, how-( *ytr, (kit In tnterpric* arid r*t*«rce* wt j^ 'Id to no *ther publisher* in thli city er ' coaaptriton which can be t- redare price*, tnd rvwlcr tiw accciv io a litaraiy banquet more thin twolulu *ccciiible| we gave and thtll continue to give in tht qatito library a volume weekly fur two cenli a dayi we DOW propose to gi\e a \ulumr in the lama period lur Ittt than /our centi a wtek,tnt\ to tdd ti a |iiq*k* it* weekly vttiM, and io be i»tu, d in a fmtr for binding tnd prrtervtlloti, tnd it* pric* tnd lorn will rctaaiu the aim* But *r thai), in tk* flrttwrrk uf Jintny 1887, itiu* a hug* thttt of the >ix* of th* Itrgnst aew*paper* *f A*\rrici, but on vtry tuperiot paptr, aluo JIUtt tcittt boolti ef Uie ntwtil aud motlanUrUinirg, !« ««! !» thcll ttr*rtl daoartmentt of Novell, Tiln, Voyigei, Trtvrlt, tic., ttltct io their chartcti-r, juiu ed with reading *uch at uiutlly thotiU 611 t wtskly nawiptper. Dy thit aidhuil wehupe to accooipliih a great Roodj tu enliven tud enlighten (hr family circlr, ami to give tu it, tt an elpente which shall be no' coniidtralion tu tny, t meat of rttilinr. (hat in b»uk farm w'ouKI alarm (he pock lit of the prudent, and lo do it ina manner that tht mint iceptictl thtll icknowlrdgr "tht power af conentrttton cm no furthrr go." A'o book trMch apptari in H'alilit'i ifuarlo Library trill btptibtbM in tht (hnnibui, which will »e(*n tnlirtly diitintt periudictl, TRRMB WALDIX'I LrrtkAMt Ohfttiiot «ill be At a raecilnn ofR*p«bUc«n maaobifa of Ib* Senate and Hoane of R«pm«t*ttiv«*> Wd. at f^0 Capitol, July «, IBM, Ib* JUojl, JOtlN M. NILES, ofCoBoectioulaadtbaj Moo. CHAR.. LE8 E. HAYNE8, of G*»r»U being Chairmen, and the Hen. Uaomg M. Kjuat,ofPannylvtnia. aad the Hon. H. L. Tmw»»,ofTe»n**a*e, acting at BecnUrie*. the Addreatto the People of tao United Slate* waa received, and further onaideredt whereupon, on motion of ihe lion. Hiram finy. of New York, il waa Roeotvul, That tb* addrea* be aigned and published by Ihe oommittee who have prepa'rtd it in behalf of the Republicaa roember. of COD-Tduiimefl, Hotrofaaii to ptoroote th* lnt*r«*4 oftbe m»}ori. y, laateadof UM aeveral State* composing it. When the Government waa put in operation nder Ihe new Constitution, each pariy ndopted vie* ofeonetruction calculated to aecure
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