Analysis Factor Related to the Quality of Physical Conditions Martial Art in Match Category (Empirical Studies of the Martial Arts adolescent Athlete)

2017 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
This study aimed to know: (1) Anthropometric factors that determine the physical quality of the martial arts athletes Competition category of martial arts Adolescent Athletes, (2) Physical condition factors that determine the physical quality of martial arts athletes of the match category. This study used correlational design, using confirmatory factor analysis techniques. Confirmatory factor analysis technique through SPSS program 23.00 with the provision if the measure of sampling adequacy
more » ... A> 0.5) then the instrument is feasible to use and (MSA <0.5) then the instrument is not feasible to use with significant level α = 0.05, for Confirm the latent variables that determine the physical quality of the martial arts athlete of the match category. The collected data is then verified and tabulated to then be quantitatively processed with : (a) Multivariate confirmatory factor analysis to reduce to several factors only and (b) Calculating the contribution value of each factor on the dominant latent variable is transformed in anti-image correlation and communalities.
doi:10.21275/12071709 fatcat:jwbztty5gzhnbpe3nf2l4krrtm