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The authors recount five years' experience of the operation of "Balkenstich," on a large number of-cases. As the free communication between the ventricles and the subdural spaces of the brain and cord, which is necessary for the proper circulation and nutrition of the brain, is often blocked,' they have attempted to make an artificial communication through the corpus callosum. Through a small opening li to 2 cm. behind the coronal suture and the same distance from the middle line, a blunt
more » ... ended cannula with lateral openings is introduced between the hemispheres and passed along the falx cerebri, through the corpus callosum into the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle. When the ventricle has been drained to the extent required, the opening into it is enlarged, and then, according to the authors, generally remains patent. The effects of this operation in a large number of cases of hydrocephalus, cerebral tumours, hypophyseal tumours, epilepsy, &c, are fully described. No death or serious accident could be attributed to the operation in any of the fifty-three cases on which the authors performed it, and in all in whom the intracranial tension was increased, considerable relief was obtained. Contribution a VEtude anatomo-clinique des Monoplegies d'Origine corticate. Par le Dr. M. REGNABD. Pp. 216, with 12 plates. Paris : Vigot Freres, 1913. This monograph is based on the examination of ten cases, supplemented by a diligent compilation of similar cases published by others ; but unhappily these observations were not always abstracted from the original descriptions. The methods of examination employed, especially in the investigation of sensation, appear to have been relatively complete, but the conclusions add little to our knowledge. The author concludes that the motor centres lie entirely in the precentral and paracentral convolutions, and the individual centres are segmentally arranged within them. The sensory zone occupies by guest on April 11, 2016 Downloaded from
doi:10.1093/brain/36.2.266 fatcat:x2xgj6po7zhtlfqnjp23zshwpu