Online Pattern Matching for Edit Distance with moves

JSAI Technical Report, SIG-FPAI  
Edit distance with moves(EDM) is a string-to-string measure such that inclues substring moves in addiction to ordinal editing operations to turn one string to the other. EDM is applicable to error detections and suggesting keywords for searches. Online ESP(OESP) is a first online pattern matching for EDM. OESP builds a parse tree for a whole input text in an online manner and quickly comutes EDM in each position. However, the computaion of EDM of OESP only uses subtrees that generates a query
more » ... ngth substring. The space for a parse tree is too large for the computation of EDM. Thus, we present a more space efficient OESP called improved OESP(OESP-I). OESP-I builds from a parse tree for i-th position query length string to a parse tree for i+1-th position query length string and quickly computes EDM. We show the time and space compreixity of OESP-I. Additionally, we show the approximate ratio of EDM of OESP-I.
doi:10.11517/jsaifpai.97.0_06 fatcat:nbb23pfwgvfnfo6lf6hr3vz2wy