Otis W. Caldwell
1916 School Science and Mathematics  
During the three years since the appointment of the committee, its work and its reports have constantly kept in mind tlie needs of the whole science situation in secondary schools. In the first committee report presented at the 1913 meeting", recommendations were made regarding the science situation as a whole. With the plan as a whole in mind, it was obviously necessary to begin more intensive work in the first course included in the plan, and last year's report dealt with the point of view
more » ... he point of view which it was thought should prevail in the first year's work. At last year's meeting of the Association, it was voted that the committee prepare for this year's report a somewhat more detailed investigation of the actual situation of general science as a firstyear high school subject. The committee understands that this emphasis upon first-year work is because of the necessity of discovering the best types of science work for the beginning of high school training, and not in any sense as evidence that the sciences of the other years of the high school are to be neglected. The Chairman of the committee undertook to discover the facts regarding some of the questions related to first-year science. Part of this work was carried on by a graduate student, Miss Aravilla Taylor. It was decided to find out to what extent general science is being used in two representative states, one in which it was known that the subject had been taught in at least a few schools for several years, and another in-which it was thought that general science is now being introduced. California and Iowa were selected as these two states, and data were collected covering the school year 1914-15. Further data are now being collected from Massachusetts, but this added inquiry, but recently undertaken, has not been completed. It is expected that the Massachusetts data will be available for report and publication early in 1916. Letters were written'to' the four-year high schools in both of the states mentioned. The following table gives the number of letters sent and the response from schools of different sizes, also the totals for all schools in each state. iRead before the General
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1916.tb01650.x fatcat:jzcfus7a35emnh4nudqzqdb5vy