Update-efficient indexing of moving objects in road networks

Jidong Chen, Xiaofeng Meng
2008 Geoinformatica  
Recent advances in wireless sensor networks and positioning technologies have boosted new applications that manage moving objects. In such applications, a dynamic index is often built to expedite evaluation of spatial queries. However, development of efficient indexes is a challenge due to frequent object movement. In this paper, we propose a new update-efficient index method for moving objects in road networks. We introduce a dynamic data structure, called adaptive unit, to group neighboring
more » ... jects with similar movement patterns. To reduce updates, an adaptive unit captures the movement bounds of the objects based on a prediction method, which considers the road-network constraints and stochastic traffic behavior. A spatial index (e.g., R-tree) for the road network is then built over the adaptive unit structures. Simulation experiments, carried on two different datasets, show that an adaptive-unit based index is efficient for both updating and querying performance.
doi:10.1007/s10707-008-0052-5 fatcat:m2yjbluvqjbn5d6gbrcfqjz5oa