Formulation and Evaluation of Ketoprofen Loaded Nanoparticulate Gel for Topical Delivery INTRODUCTION

Soumen Pattanayek, S Puranik
2018 11, Issue:3 Citation: Soumen Pattanayek et al. Ijppr.Human   unpublished
The objective of the present study was to prepare ketoprofen loaded nanoparticles and to incorporate these nanoparticle single. Many drugs show poor permeation due to the barrier stratum corneum when delivered through the skin. To overcome this problem and to enhance the permeation of drug into the skin and also to reduce the skin irritation the drug was formulated in the form of nanoparticles using chitosan as a polymer and these drug loaded nanoparticles were incorporated in a gel for more
more » ... ective delivery of a drug into the skin. The prepared drug-loaded nanoparticulate gel was evaluated for physical appearance, homogeneity, pH, drug content, viscosity, spreadability, extrudability and in vitro diffusion studies. All the nanoparticulate gel formulations were clear without any aggregates, particles, and fibers indicating excellent homogeneity of all the formulations. The pH of the formulations was closer to a neutral indicating absence of skin irritation and damage. The viscosity was directly proportional whereas extrudability and spreadability were inversely proportional to the concentration of carbopol employed. Formulation NG4 showed sustained release for 24 h.