SYSTEM CONCEPT AND CONFIRMATION OF THERMAL PERFORMANCE : Study on thermal energy storage system utilizing finite aquifer (Part 1)
システム概念と熱的基本性能の確認 : 敷地内帯水層蓄熱システムに関する研究(その1)

Makoto NAKAMURA, Takaaki SHIMIZU, Shuichi HOKOI
2001 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
In 重 his paper, a new 重 echnique of Aquifer Thermal Energy Slorage ( ArES ) sys 重 em which can be applied 重 o the urban areas effectively is propesed . 1l is aimed at tising a shullow aquifer . 1「 he thermal s 重 orage process in an aquifer enclosed by the cu 重 一 〇 ff walls under 重he building is investigated . An experiment on sho ' rt terrn cold storage was done in a central part of Tokyo . The efficiency of heal recovery of 80% or more was ob 重 ained at a diurnal cycle , and 山 e sensitivity was anulyzed by numerical simulations .
doi:10.3130/aija.66.69_1 fatcat:vewylilsp5f2ti5t4vzvsvfa7i