Hamiltonian particle-mesh simulations for a non-hydrostatic vertical slice model

Seoleun Shin, Sebastian Reich
2009 Atmospheric Science Letters  
A Lagrangian particle method is developed for the simulation of atmospheric flows in a non-hydrostatic vertical slice model. The proposed particle method is an extension of the Hamiltonian Particle-Mesh (HPM) (Frank et al. 2002) and provides preservation of mass, momentum, and energy. We tested the method for the gravity wave test in Skamarock & Klemp (1994) and the bubble experiments in Robert (1993) . The accuracy of the solutions from the HPM simulation is comparable to those reported in
more » ... ose reported in these references. A particularly appealing aspect of the method is in its non-diffusive transport of potential temperature. The solutions are maintained smooth largely due to a "regularization" of pressure, which is controlled carefully to preserve the total energy and the time-reversibility of the model. In case of the bubble experiments, one also needs to regularize the buoyancy contributions. The simulations demonstrate that particle methods are potentially applicable to non-hydrostatic atmospheric flow regimes and that they lead to a highly accurate transport of materially conserved quantities such as potential temperature under adiabatic flow regimes.
doi:10.1002/asl.229 fatcat:bjiyz3n3wjbehjp3j2kkudx25a