Characteristics of Selected Pine Barrens Treefrog Ponds in the New Jersey Pinelands

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This report presents data on the vegetation, anurans, water chemistry, and physical properties of selected natural and excavated Pinelands ponds that are known to support breeding populations of Pine Barrens treefrogs (Hyla andersonii). The 13 ponds (Figure 1, Table 1) were initially selected to study frog and toad adult and larval species composition relative to sitespecific, local, and regional environmental variables (Bunnell and Zampella 1999). More recently, the vegetation structure,
more » ... on structure, plant-species composition, and environmental attributes of these same ponds were examined (Zampella and Laidig 2001). The 13 ponds have been the subject of research and monitoring since 1996 and are part of the Pinelands Commission's network of long-term environmental-monitoring program sites. The purpose of this report is to characterize the habitat of known Pine Barrens treefrog breeding populations. The information presented here also provides a baseline data set against which future comparisons of selected biological and environmental attributes can be made.
doi:10.7282/t3p84bwc fatcat:fyzpthgwd5at3e7dxrbigdjoy4