Identifying Subsurface Features Using Magnetic Residual in Bukit Bunuh, Perak, Malaysia

Rosli Saad, Y Kiu, M Saidin, M Shyeh, Sahibul Karamah
A ground geomagnetic residual map of details study in Bukit Bunuh, Perak was acquired, processed and analyzed. The study was aimed at delineating structural lineaments and mapping the subsurface features such as fractures and faults. The magnetic survey was conducted using Geometric G-856 Proton Precision Magnetometer using 50m station interval for 5 lines with 4 kilometers length each. A base station is set and reading taken every 1 minute. Data reduction is done and a magnetic residual map is
more » ... produced using Surfer 8. The survey area is generally divided in to 2 main zones which positive and negative anomaly. Negatives anomaly showed geophysical contrast due to changes of subsurface structure. Few areas of negative anomaly areas are identified to be faults and fractures due to meteorite impact.