H Laxmisagar, Venkatarama Reddy R, Vivek Mouli
International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Monitoring and control of greenhouse, sericulture and poultry farm, environment play an important role in these production and management. To monitor the environment parameters effectively, it is necessary to design a measurement and control system. The objective of this project is to design a simple, easy to install, microcontroller-based circuit to monitor and record the values of temperature, humidity, soil moisture and sunlight of the natural environment that are continuously modified and
more » ... ntrolled in order optimize them to achieve maximum growth and yield. The controller used to communicates with the various sensor modules in real-time in order to control the light, aeration and drainage process efficiently inside farming houses by actuating a cooler, heater, dripper and lights respectively according to the necessary condition of the crops. An integrated Liquid crystal display (LCD) is also used for real time display of data acquired from the various sensors and the status of the various devices. Also, the use of easily available components reduces the manufacturing and maintenance costs. The design is quite flexible as the software can be changed any time. It can thus be tailor-made to the specific requirements of the user. This makes the proposed system to be an economical, portable and a low maintenance solution for above mentioned farming houses applications, especially in rural areas and for small scale agriculturists.