Selection of Contractor Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making Tools

2011 Indian Journal Of Applied Research  
The construction scale is growing rapidly; therefore, to contract is a common style in construction industry. Selecting appropriate contractors is a key to assure the success of a construction project. In this research, we use questionnaire to survey about 6 construction companies, which help us to obtain contractor selection factors and their weights. Contractors can fill available price for specific items from Quotation System, meanwhile, Appraisal system will integrate and calculate related
more » ... calculate related data to determine total grades for all companies., Contractors can fill available price for specific items from determine total grades for all companies. Contractor selection system can be used to compile all information about special area. This can make the procurement process be fair, pick better partners, increase competition and create profit for company. Various research methodologies were adopted in several countries to achieve the "Value procurement" to the procures in the selection of contractor. The "value procurement" is one that considers price and other actors in the bid greatest "value for money" to the client. Findings from experts reveal that the tradition "lowest price wins" in practice is being replaced by "multi criteria decision makings". This indicates increasing awareness of procures in selecting contractor attributes via a more multi criteria selection methodologies. Certainly it is not a easy concept to identify the universal criteria for bid selection, as it depends on certain factors such as client demands, contractual issue, project viabilities, authority requirement and construction methods.
doi:10.15373/2249555x/apr2014/259 fatcat:2aykxtsmzfg4rb6bd4ez3viafi