A Hybrid Encryption Algorithm Based on RSA Small-e and Efficient-RSA for Cloud Computing Environments

Faraz Fatemi Moghaddam, Maen T. Alrashdan, Omidreza Karimi
2013 Journal of Advances in Computer Networks  
Cloud computing is an emerging technology that is still unclear to many security problems. Ensuring the security ofstored data in cloud servers is one of the most challenging issues in such environments. Accordingly, this schema presents a Hybrid Encryption algorithm that is based on RSA Small-e and Efficient RSA (HE-RSA) for improving the reliability in cloud computing environments. The main aim of this project is to use the cryptography concepts in cloud computing communications and to
more » ... e the security of encrypted data in cloud servers with the least consumption of time and cost at the both of encryption and decryption processes.In the proposed model, the number of key generation exponents has been increased in comparison to the original RSA. Moreover,a dual encryption process has been applied in this algorithm to prevent common attacks against RSA algorithm. In addition, this schema also presents the comparison between HE-RSA and original RSA in terms of security and performance. For this purpose, Key Generation, Encryption and Decryption Time in Original RSA and HE-RSA have been compared according to the different size of exponents. Moreover, some of the common attacks against RSA algorithm have been analysed to detect the resistance of the proposed algorithm against possible attacks. Finally, the effects of using HE-RSA on cloud computing environments have been reviewed in more depth and details.
doi:10.7763/jacn.2013.v1.47 fatcat:rhtbc6vcrfefhan2knknt5ao44