741 A Study on Sound Quality Design and Evaluation Method for Golf Club : Forecasting the Sound Quality of Impact Sound Using Estimated Values of Impact Force
741 ゴルフクラブの音質設計及び評価法に関する研究 : 打撃力の推定値を用いた打音の音質予測(音質・音声,OS-4 音響・振動,総合テーマ「伝統を,未来へ!」)

Ryousuke FUSANO, Hisami OISHI, Yuji SIRATORI, Hiroshi SAEGUSA, Kazunori ONO
2010 The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference  
Sound quality of impact sound becomes important in design of golf club . In th 重 s paper , two simple experiment models produced to examine the vibrational characteristic ofthe golf clubs . First , the results of the numerical analysis of the models and the results of the experiment
doi:10.1299/jsmedmc.2010._741-1_ fatcat:mdaq3pxghvdjzfwf5dpgyajylm