Analisis Penurunan Parameter Pencemar Limbah Cair Laundry dengan Multi Soil Layering (MSL)

Hadrah Hadrah, Monik Kasman, Karunia Tri Septiani
2019 Jurnal Daur Lingkungan  
Laundry wastewater is grey water, which is part of domestic wastewater, which is not through the toilet. Laundry wastewater contains COD, BOD, TSS, Total Phosphate, pH, MBAS which includes derivatives of organic substances so that the accumulation causes an increase in the organic content of water or groundwater. The purpose of this study was to observe the effects of the hydraulic loading rate (HLR) and permeable layer (zeolite and gravel) on the efficiency of decreasing laundry wastewater
more » ... utants. Variations in HLR consist of 500 l / m2 day, 750 l / m2 day and 1000 l / m2 day. In this study, laundry wastewater was introduced gravitationally into the MSL reactor with dimensions of 15x50x50 cm. The MSL reactor consists of impermeable layers and permeable layers. The impermeable layer is a layer consisting of a mixture of soil and charcoal with a ratio of 2: 1, and a permeable layer consisting of layers of gravel (MSL 1) and zeolite (MSL 2) with a diameter of 0.25 - 0.5cm. Based on the results of the study, the HLR and permeable media have an effect on the decrease of laundry wastewater pollutant parameters. The highest decrease in pollutants for COD, BOD, TSS, Total Phosphate, pH, and MBAS parameters was obtained at HLR 1000 l/m2.d with the highest percentage reduction is 95% at MSL 1 and 92% at MSL 2. Decreasing pollutant concentration of laundry wastewater is higher in MSL 2 (permeable layer of zeolite) compared to MSL 1 (permeable layer of gravel).
doi:10.33087/daurling.v2i1.22 fatcat:xsmirudn7vhgpedcuahal7r62e