Xylanase impact beyond performance: A prebiotic approach in broiler chickens

Veerle Van Hoeck, Di Wu, Ingrid Somers, Alexandra Wealleans, Bindhu. L. Vasanthakumari, Antonio Luis Gonzalez Sanchez, Dany Morisset
2021 Journal of Applied Poultry Research  
Microbiome plasticity in chickens provides an attractive target for future potential therapeutic platforms. However, a better understanding of the chicken microbial ecology and how interventions such as xylanase addition can modulate this is needed. Interest in xylanase as an essential additive for livestock in manipulating growth performance has been reported as early as 1980s. In this paper, we describe how a new xylanase leads to an array of benefits in broilers, not only by improving
more » ... performance and nutrient digestibility, but also by clearly improving gut health. Gut health improvements are demonstrated by better intestinal morphology, different volatile fatty acid profile in the gut and even promotion of beneficial over pathogenic micro-organisms in the intestinal tract. Our study confirms that supplementation of xylanase at the lowest dose of 30,000 U/kg (10 g/t) and above significantly improves broiler performance and digestibility. Furthermore, the observation that xylanase can modulate broilers' intestinal morphology and microbial content beneficially, by stimulating Lactobacilli growth and thus exerting a prebiotic effect, provides novel and useful insights for future applications.
doi:10.1016/j.japr.2021.100193 fatcat:3demgcegc5guzncq7jurtnqc44