Cauterization of the Interior of the Uterus for Polypus

1857 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
of very healthy parentage, mother of five children, of medium stature and good muscular development, dark hair and eyes, enjoyed good general health till January, 1856, when she had a neuralgic affection of the head, continuing about two weeks, after which she was not so robust as previously. The uterine functions had always been normally performed; menstruation ceased, without any constitutional disturbance, in 1854. In the early part of March, 1856, she had an attack of uterine haemorrhage.
more » ... is continued, gradually increasing, especially after exercise, and accompanied with pain in the loins, hypogastric region and thighs. I was called to her for this trouble April 1, 1856. She was then flowing freely, and suffering much from expulsive efforts of the uterus. That organ was enlarged, its neck obliterated, and os closed. She was quite weakened by pain and loss of blood. She was treated with opiates, astringents, ergot, &c, p. r. n. By the 28th of April, the os uteri had dilated, and a polypus had descended, presenting a tumor in the vagina as large as a goose's egg. The haemorrhage and pains were' urgent, and the strength failing. So far as could be ascertained, the polypus sprang from a broad base within the cavity of the uterus, toward the left side and somewhat in front. As I could see no advantage in waiting longer, I applied a ligature by means of Gooch's double cánula, as high within the uterine cavity as possible. The ligature came off on the third day, with the .included mass. The haemorrhage and pain were entirely relieved, though a copious and very offensive discharge continued. Her appetite returned, and she regained color, flesh and strength, so that she was able to sit up.
doi:10.1056/nejm185711120571501 fatcat:nusqnrjbdncoxphclwuekyxntm