Crowd sculpting: A space-time sculpting method for populating virtual environments

K. Jordao, J. Pettré, M. Christie, M.-P. Cani
2014 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
We introduce "Crowd Sculpting": a method to interactively design populated environments by using intuitive deformation gestures to drive both the spatial coverage and the temporal sequencing of a crowd motion. Our approach assembles large environments from sets of spatial elements which contain inter-connectible, periodic crowd animations. Such a "Crowd Patches" approach allows us to avoid expensive and difficult-to-control simulations. It also overcomes the limitations of motion editing, that
more » ... ould result into animations delimited in space and time. Our novel methods allows the user to control the crowd patches layout in ways inspired by elastic shape sculpting: the user creates and tunes the desired populated environment through stretching, bending, cutting and merging gestures, applied either in space or time. Our examples demonstrate that our method allows the space-time editing of very large populations and results into endless animation, while offering real-time, intuitive control and maintaining animation quality.
doi:10.1111/cgf.12316 fatcat:3372gztacnabxfcfy3gwld2ehi