Takku Ligey Théâtre: il conflitto nel teatro, nel mito e nel rito - Takku Ligey Théâtre: conflict in theater, myth and rite

Antonio Aresta
2013 DADA Rivista di Antropologia post-globale  
"Takku Ligey" is a phrase in Wolof, one of the languages spoken in Senegal, whose origin lies in the gesture made by farmers before starting work, when they tighten the belt to their waist, so that clothes cling to their bodies, and movements are agile, meaning "working together". Amongst performances staged by theater company Takku LigeyThéâtre are Leebu Nawet ak Noor, The Play of Richness and Poverty, adapted from Aristophanes' play Pluto, and Sundiata, based on the myth of Sundiata Keita,
more » ... Sundiata Keita, founder of the Empire of Mali in XIII century a. C. In both performances conflicts between individuals and between the social groups represented emerges explicitly, evoking the very same conflicts which characterise some rites of Senegal ethnic groups Wolof and Serere, and recalling the close connection between "social drama" and "cultural performance" studied by Victor Turner
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