Mean Platelet Volume in Hyperthyroid Toxic Adenoma Patients after Radioactive 131I Treatment

Eda Simsek, Ozge Timur, Ayse Carlioglu, Senay Arikan Durmaz, Munir Demirci, Hakan Sevimli
2015 Advances in Endocrinology  
This study demonstrates that mean platelet volume (MPV) levels decrease after radioiodine (RAI) ablation therapy in hyperthyroid patients. Regarding the fact that large platelets are hemostatically more active, we suggest that hyperthyroid patients are at risk of cardiovascular disease despite all other cardiovascular risk factors. After RAI ablation therapy as MPV levels return to normal, cardiovascular risk for hyperthyroid patients reduces.
doi:10.1155/2015/436768 fatcat:6435lvib2zcnrkg6575jdnakn4