Synopsis of The Tipulid Genus Bittacomorpha

Charles W. Johnson
1905 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
Tibiae annulated with snow white near the base. 2 Tibiae not annulated, all the metatarsi white at the tip instead of the base. sackenii R6der. 2. Metatarsi more or less swollen. 3 Metatarsi not swollen in the slightest degree, nor annulated at the base, and only those of the anterior tipped with white, jonesi n. sp. 3-Dorsum of thorax deep velvety black with a white median line. clavi2es Fabr. Dorsum of thorax shining black, the white median line wanting, occidet,ta/is Aldr. Bittacomorpha
more » ... Bittacomorpha jonesi, n. sp. ' Head blackish, front and face covered with a silvery white pollinose; antennae about 4mm. in length, the two basal joints brown, the remainder black and strongly pubescent; palpi and proboscis yellowish. Dorsum of the thorax shining black, the remainder of the thorax including the scutellum dull yellow, slightly darker on the pleurm; humeri, a lateral stripe extending to the base of the wing and pleure silvery white pollinose. Abdomen clavate, black, shining, posterior margins of the second, third and fourth segments, and the genitalia yellowish, the claspers black. Coxm light yellow, base of the femora brown
doi:10.1155/1905/57580 fatcat:ym5u3tdcabdzfkhuja5e3m5he4