Impact Analysis of Brake Pad Backplate Structure and Friction Lining Material on Disc-Brake Noise

Gongyu Pan, Lei Chen
2018 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
This study proposes a three-layer brake pad design, on which a six-DOF dynamic model of brake disc-brake pad is established, and the factors affecting the system instability are analyzed. The analysis shows that the change of mass and stiffness of the brake pad will affect the stability of the system. From the linear complex eigenvalue analysis, the unstable vibration modes of the brake system are predicted, and the effectiveness of the complex mode analysis model is verified by the brake
more » ... by the brake system bench test. Brake pads with different structural shapes are designed, and their influence on the stability of the brake system is analyzed. The results show that the design of the three-layer structure and the slotting design of the brake pad can effectively reduce the occurrence of the brake squeal, especially that of the high-frequency squeal noise.
doi:10.1155/2018/7093978 fatcat:fndrcj2du5bb3nd4yatxnvka44