The professional life and the health of nurses since the transformation of the Québec health system
La vie professionnelle et la santé des infirmières depuis la transformation du réseau de la santé

R Bourbonnais, M Comeau, C Viens, C Brisson, D Laliberté, R Malenfant, M Vézina
1999 Santé mentale au Québec  
Over the last years, the Quebec health system has gone through a period of transformation aimed at cost reduction and better efficiency. The present study describes the effects of the transformation on the professional life and on the health of nurses in the Quebec City urban area. Despite a cross-sectional study not allowing links from cause to effect and despite the fact that the study only includes nurses who were still employed by institutions, the research shows an increase of the
more » ... e of a higher level of psychological distress in nurses since the beginning of the transformation. Interventions in the work place should be geared to professional factors that nurses identify as problematical.
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