Note from the Editors / От редакции

2014 Journal of Language Relationship  
Although the papers presented to our readers' attention in the 11 th issue of JLR cover an expectedly wide range of thematic subjects and subdisciplines of historical linguistics, the main bulk of the articles has evolved out of a series of talks, presented by participants of the international conference "Comparative-Historical Linguistics of the 21 st Century: Issues and Perspectives", in memory of Sergei A. Starostin (1953-2005, held in Moscow by the Russian State University for the
more » ... y for the Humanities on March 20-22, 2013. Responding to the editors' proposal, multiple participants were kind enough to agree on reworking or expanding their presentations into full-blown scientific papers: this includes papers by G. Starostin, K. Babaev, V. Blažek, A. Kassian, S. Kullanda, J.-M. List, S. Nikolaev, as well as the joint paper by S. Boroday and I. Yakubovich. Several other contributions have been postponed for technical reasons and will probably be published in subsequent issues of the Journal. In addition to papers submitted by participants of the Conference, the 11 th issue of JLR also includes two other publications: an innovative treatment of Proto-Mari vocalism by A. Aikio and the last part of the etymological analysis of the Swadesh wordlist for Semitic languages by A. Militarev (the previous three parts have all been published in JLR as well, and a final fifth part, containing comprehensive lexicostatistical analysis of the data, is forthcoming). The «Discussion» section, represented by K. Pozdniakov's paper on the degree of importance of automated lexical comparison for establishing long-distance genetic relationship and several answers to his ideas, was also not initiated at the Conference, but is thematically very close to some of the main issues that were discussed in several talks given by participants (additionally, K. Pozdniakov himself, as well as A. Militarev, also gave their own talks at the Conference, though different from their contributions for this issue).
doi:10.31826/jlr-2014-110104 fatcat:trury2ra2bfg7eeodhe2xufsni