Three dimensional Ni3S2 nanorod arrays as multifunctional electrodes for electrochemical energy storage and conversion applications

Kexin Cui, Jincheng Fan, Songyang Li, Moukaila Fatiya Khadidja, Jianghong Wu, MingYu Wang, Jianxin Lai, Hongguang Jin, wenbin luo, Zi-Sheng Chao
2019 Nanoscale Advances  
The increasing demands for energy and environmental protection have stimulated intensive interest for fundamental research and practical applications. Nickel dichalcogenides (Ni3S2, NiS, Ni3Se2, NiSe, etc.) are promising materials for high-performances...
doi:10.1039/c9na00633h fatcat:babvq4ef5rhq5nuwdmptx4wvw4