Shamanic and Mythic Cultures of Ethnic Peoples in Northern China II [book]

Yuguang Fu, Daniel A. Kister
2020 unpublished
On the basis of first-hand materials gathered through decades of field research and fleshed out with the author's insightful religious, cultural, and historical observations extending back to the Qing dynasty, ancient archaeological discoveries, and the legacy of Siberian peoples, this two-volume ethnological study investigates shamanic rituals, myths, and lore in northern China and explores the common ideology underlying the origins of the region's cultures. This second volume focuses on
more » ... me focuses on northern shamanic divination, spirit idols, and folklore covering the myths of the Manchu-Tungus, Manchu creation shrine tales, and individual tribal myths. This mythic heritage helps identify shared patterns of thought among the ethnic peoples of northern China; points to cultural integration with Buddhist, Daoist, and Han Chinese cultures; and shows their understanding of the natural world, the creation of humankind, social life, and history and their interactions with their surroundings. In this regard, shamanic spirituality in northern China is characterized by functionality and practicality in daily life situations, in contrast to the received wisdom that defines shamanic praxis as a pure supernatural spirit journey. The book will be of great value to scholars of religion and to both anthropologists and ethnologists in the fields of shamanism studies, Northeast Asian folklore, and Manchu studies. Fu Yuguang , a native Manchu scholar of shamanic and Manchu studies from the Jilin Institute for Ethnology, has been committed to ethnological and anthropological research on the myths, rituals, and cultures of Altaic peoples in northern China for over fifty years and has published many influential works.
doi:10.4324/9781003132523 fatcat:lqesotjdwjeabn4yn5dic7jx54